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HALO VICE - Stehlampe

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Halo Edition Vice Floor Lamp - A new energy

Halo Vice is aimed at reproducing a natural phenomenon that may appear above the highest clouds in the hour of fading twilight, or be reflected off high snowfields in mountainous regions long after sunset.

When the sun is low on the sky, sunlight passes through more air and sometimes can be influenced by water droplets, clouds or particles of volcanic origin: these particles, when they reach the stratosphere and scatter blue light, produce a stunning pinkish color, often preceded by a yellow arch hugging the horizon. Those purple hues happen with particular conditions
and time and are most often associated with volcano eruptions or hurricanes: the beauty before the beast.

The new Halo Landscape collection is an ongoing project based on optical and emotional research. The idea is to reconstruct breath-taking landscapes through light, as if it were a space- time window that can take us to a specific place at a particular moment in a fraction of time - where colours, sensations and emotions come together defining a unique experience for each of us.

The feeling of a loss of depth, or of succumbing to an experience or an environment are key elements that allow the viewers to detach from the reality that surrounds them, in order to project themselves into a new dimension. We believe that some of the most impactful and effective works of art do not show the viewers how they feel, but rather immerse them in feeling or memory.

Combining the research with innovative industrial design process, Mandalaki create unique pieces of high conceptual value that are more than just a source of illumination. Halo edition lamp range is an optical instrument capable of creating art installations that enlarge the perception of the space.

Other lamps from the Halo collection include Halo One, Halo Mini, Halo Giga, Halo Horizon among others.

The Halo lighting range is made to order in Italy.

Photo credits: @andrea.deotto @marco.menghi



Höhe: 120 cm
Basisbreite: 13 cm
Basislänge: 10 cm
Gewicht: 3 kg

Technische Daten:

8W LED, 1000 lm, 100-240V
Dimmbarer Bodentaster
Zertifizierungen: Rohs, FCC, CE, ERP

Halo Edition is a Mandalaki project aimed at artistic and technological research. The idea behind the product is to create unique pieces of high conceptual value which is the result of innovative industrial and artisanal processes. The first phase of research focuses on the balance between the physical object and the projection of infinite shades of color. the light is no longer treated as a source of illumination but as a graphic projection, precise and defined. A tension is then established between the physical object and the metaphysical circle into which to dive into.

The Halo project is the result of a long optical research process carried out by the Mandalaki studio whose goal is the union of art with technology. The tangible part of the work becomes a consequence: a pure and minimal element. The idea is to bring new objects into the domestic landscape capable of creating
color worlds in which to dive.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lola Vigano
Luxury aura

The glow it casts on my artworks is simply unparalleled. It truly understands luxury.

Madelyn Rayes
A well cultivated design

Perfectly illuminates the artwork in my lounge. A subtle yet impactful presence.

Élia Laroche

esthétique top

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HALO VICE - Stehlampe

€1.525,00 €1.375,00